was born in 1964 and raised in Dublin and Donegal. While his education included Blackrock College, University College Dublin and Trinity College, his love of the music and language of his homeland came from his time as a student of Coláiste na Rinne [Ring College] which is located in part of the Irish speaking area of Co. Waterford.

After completing degrees in English Literature and Music he formed ANÚNA. Although he arrived late to singing, joining his first choral ensemble at the age of nineteen, his lack of experience of accepted choral ideas encouraged him to develop a new musical vocabulary both as a choral director and composer.

Today he is recognised as one of the leading choral composers of his generation and his music is performed all over the world. He is, and has been, an active workshop leader and mentor for performers and young composers with over two hundred young musicians having passed through his ensemble. Many of these have gone on to develop highly successful careers in diverse genres of music.

He is a tenor, film maker, record producer, composer and arranger. Michael lives in Dublin with his family and is an ardent year-round sea swimmer.